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Follow our parents this summer as they teach their kids to swim!

Participants in the Swim Steps Ambassador program appear on behalf of Influence Central for SwimWays. They received product samples to facilitate their reviews, and a promotional item to thank them for their participation.

Avatar _ShannonGauger _DailyMomtivity

Shannon Gauger - Daily Momtivity

Shannon is Mommy to 2 young children. She lives in Texas and spends the majority of May-September around backyard pools. Pool safety is very important to her and she helps to promote safety awareness to other Moms. Her youngest child is 2 and is just learning to swim. This is Shannon's first year as a SwimWays Ambassador and she is so excited! 

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Avatar _Meredith Hazel _Wait Til Your Father Gets Home

Meredith Hazel - Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home

Meredith is the owner and writer of Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home. She's a wife, mom of three little ones, coffee lover, and expert milk pourer. Living in Georgia, where the sun is very hot and the pool is a mom's best friend, she is eager to have all three of her little ones using SwimWays products this summer. This is Meredith's first year as a SwimWays Ambassador.

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Avatar _Ana Taney _Mommys Bundle

Ana Taney - Mommy's Bundle

Ana is a mom to two rambunctious little boys (with another one on the way!). She blogs about all-things baby and toddler related for new moms. This summer she will be reintroducing her 4 year old and 2 year old to water safety as they practice swimming in the community pool. She looks forward to sharing her experience with SwimWays.

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Avatar _Samantha Ramos _Sammy Approves

Samantha Ramos - Sammy Approves

Sammy is a Southern California area, stay at home mom of 2 kids. She and her kids love spending the hot summer's cooling off in the pool and visiting the beach. Her kids are still learning to swim and she looks forward to using water safety and trying out SwimWays products for some fun in the pool this summer!

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Avatar _Misty Nelson _Frosted Events

Misty Nelson - Frosted Events

Misty Nelson is the creative director + founder of Frosted Events, a blog full of idea s and inspiration for celebrating life's everyday moments. She loves sharing creative kids parties, DIY tutorials, recipes and helpful mom hacks. When she's not designing and dreaming up new projects she enjoys spending time with her family in Northern Virginia. She loves traveling, being a boy mom and snapping pics of their daily adventures.

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Avatar _Larisha Campbell _Were Parents

Larisha Campbell - We're Parents

We're Parents is a mom and dad written natural parenting blog focusing on topics such as breastfeeding, babywearing, and car seat safety. Delicious recipes, inspired travel recommendations, and more as you journey with us through parenting.

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Avatar _Alejandra Fernandez _Munchkinsandthe Military

Alejandra Fernandez - Munchkins and the Military

Alex is a military wife and mom of three, currently living in Hawaii! When not out catch waves and rays, she spends time with the kiddos cooking and crafting, and photographing it all!

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Avatar _Chantal Kirkland _Nerdy Mamma

Chantal Kirkland - Nerdy Mamma

As a partner in NerdyMamma with her awesome-tastic mom Darlene, Chantal has been featured on TotallytheBomb.com and TheAdultierAdult.com. When she's not blogging her brains out on her mac, you can find her rolling around on the floor with her baby, toddler, teen, 2 dogs and hubby. At the Nerdy Mamma new blogs are posted every day–she just loves to write so very much! And there's just nothing too nerdy for her, so watch out, or the nerdiness might just overwhelm.

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Avatar _Stacey Clarke _Good Morning Loretta

Stacey Clarke - Good Morning Loretta

Stacey is a former swim instructor who is now a mom and teaching her little ones to swim!

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Avatar _Cristen Casados _The Bucket List Mom

Cristen Casados - The Bucket List Mom

Cristen is a mom of two from northern California. Having a pool at home and vacationing often means that water safety has to be a priority for her girls. She is looking forward to safely introducing her toddler to the water this summer and sharpening her preschooler's swimming skills with the help of SwimWays.

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Avatar _Leah Herring _Leahwith Love

Leah Herring - Leah with Love

I'm a mom of two, living in sunny Florida. With pools all around us, I know the importance of teaching my little ones to swim. I'm looking forward to using SwimWays products this summer and sharing our experience!

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Avatar _Rachel Young _Jet Setting Mom

Rachel Young - Jet Setting Mom

Rachel is a mom of 3, military spouse and pro-blogger for 6 years. She loves traveling, reading and making memories with her family. Being a current Corpus Christi, TX resident and living near the beach; learning to swim and respect the water is a must for her family. She looks forward to showing her children how fun swimming and water play can be while sharing their experiences with her readers.

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