Swim Steps: It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

She's your explorer. Your fun-loving fanatic. Your incredible adventurer. And as a parent, you want her to be just as confident and happy in the water as she is on dry land.

As a trusted teach-me-to-swim resource for more than 50 years, SwimWays knows how important these first small splashes can be – and how quickly they can turn into perfect strokes, dives and cannonballs. So get ready. Because a lifetime love of water starts right here.

Swim Step 1
It's my first time in the pool!

He's loved bath time since he was a little guy. But this big blue swimming pool? It looks like an ocean. As a parent you can make him feel a lot more comfortable by helping him explore the watery world safely – no matter how old he is.

Parents love our baby floats because they promote security with wide bases, smart inflation technology and sturdy mesh seats. Babies and toddlers love our floats because they feature bright colors and play spaces where they can get friendly with the water. Add integrated baby pool toys and a sun canopy (on most items) to protect your sweet baby's delicate skin, and you've got a smart way to make water wonderful. 

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Swim Step 2
I'm ready to paddle and splash!

What happens when I kick my feet in the water? Or clap my hands on the surface? Can I blow bubbles? And am I really brave enough to leap into my mama’s waiting arms?

You already know that toddlers and preschoolers love their independence. That's why our Swim Step 2 products are designed to work with your child's natural desire to explore, with swimming aids that let them learn how to balance and paddle with help from mom and dad. Swim training gear like our Swim Vest, Swim Sweater, and Float Shorty are the perfect way to teach pre-swimming skills – from paddling and floating, to kicking and splashing. It's all about building confidence in the water.

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Swim Step 3
Teach me to swim so we can play together!

After months of bobbing and splashing and dog-paddling in the water, it finally happens. She's swimming. Really and truly swimming. And you've never been more proud.

It doesn't happen all at once. It's a process. So our Swim Step 3 products work like training wheels for the water – with graduated flotation devices like our Power Swimr swim training vest or our Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest. By helping your child make progress at her own pace, you're setting her up for success. By creating swimming aids that kids really want to use, SwimWays makes learning to swim even more fun.

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Swim Steps products are available at stores online and at thousands of storefronts across the country! Find a SwimWays retailer in your neighborhood.

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